Dear teammates.

At Britt we are aware of Hurricane Irma and it is in our best interest to protect our team members. As a prevention, and based on official information from government and airport authorities we are closing our operation tomorrow at 4:00pm until further notice.

We have also enabled different communication channels to react in case of emergency. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following team members:

– Pedro Ugalde – +506 6056-8578
– Ronaldo Herrera – +506 6055-8816
– Albán Ramirez – +506 9685-5337
– Diego Oconitrillo Pérez – +1 (268) 720-3357

We will be following the topic closely and should it be necessary, we will inform you of any changes. Please check your email constantly for updates and news.

We are with you and we’re working on a plan to support you and during this event. It is of vital importance that you share your home address and contact information with Albán and Diego Oconitrillo as soon as possible, so we can contact you and follow up with you through this situation.

Here are some safety recommendations for you and your families.


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We have been following the topic closely and have put together two lists in case of emergency for you. Below you will find emergency numbers for different organization, as well as a list of all your co-workers so that we can all keep in contact and support each other.

Please charge your phones fully, and if possible, keep constant contact with us to know you are ok.

  NODS ————- 562-1551/ 462-4206
RED CROSS —– 460 -9599
HOSPITAL ——– 484 -2700
ARMY ————- 462 – 1458
POLICE ———– 462 – 3185 / 460 – 7187

Please stay safe, remember to secure documents, valuables and electronics in high places, and if possible move to a refuge and listen only to official information from government authorities.